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Welcome to VK3SMB's Website
Welcome to my Website. This is my way of sharing my Ideas and findings in the Fields of Amateur Radio, Delco Engine Management and Auto Electrical. Some of my ideas may not be 100% accurate so please use your discretion in using this information.

All of the Amateur Radio projects are free to download - in the spirit of Amateur Radio. I would however like some sort of donation if you would like to see these projects grow into something better.

For the Auto Electrical tradesmen, there is some software to purchase to be able to reprogram certain instrument clusters. There is also software in development to read certain instructions in the CAN bus that are only available to Dealers. Schematics are free to download for use with this software.

I also have webspace available at very cheap rates. If you have a domain name I can host it for you. I have this ability with my new server. If you are an amateur and you would like web space you can have a http://(yourcall).vk3smb.com for free up to 200mb a month bandwidth.

My Amateur Station is located in Rutherglen, North East Victoria, Australia. Maiden Head Grid Square QF33FW. I am the sole operator in my town.

My station consists of equipment that is capable of transmitting from 160m (1.8Mhz) right up to 70cm (450Mhz) in most modes. My station is mostly set up for 2M (148Mhz) and 70cm operation in the FM modes. Without any atmospheric conditions I have a range of roughly 150km simplex and up to 400km with repeaters.

My station is mostly made up of home made and equipment bought second hand with faults that I have repaired to a working condition. This is my aspect of the Hobby.

I have a range of home made test equipment that is "close enough" for amateur purposes. This Includes a spectrum analyser built from an old CRO, tv tuner and CB radio.

An aspect of the Hobby I want to get into is satellite operation. But I need to build a more elaborate antenna system for this work effectively.

73's Matt, VK3VS/SMB


April 13, 2014
Communal Projects wiki is online
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August 14, 2013
CP2102 Mods USB - RS232 TTL
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August 10, 2013
The Website is Back online fully!
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