Wicen R4D5 Co-ordinator

matt at vk3smb dot com
My Repeater
The repeater setup I have built is a 70cm talkthrough repeater with links to 6m and 2m. It is based on Phillips PRM80's of course.

The frequency of the 70cm repeater is 438.550Mhz with a negative offset.

It is currently on test and will be commissioned to a trailer as a portable repeater when funds permit.

The 2m and 6m links are activated by ctcss tones on the uhf uplink. 123hz for the 2m link and 91.5hz for the 6m link. The link frequencies can be changed to whatever the need is at the time. They will be set most of the time on 145.275Mhz with a 123hz tone and 52.525Mhz with no tone.

The cavities used are modified T band units by polar. I completely stripped the cavities down and shortend the plunger tube by 10mm. This raised the resonant frequency by about 10Mhz.

The UHF antenna is 4 quad phased dipoles up at 10M. The Two VHF antenna's are a 1/2 Wave on 6M and a 5/8 Wave on 2M. These are mounted 3M off the ground.

April 13, 2014
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August 14, 2013
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August 10, 2013
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