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What is an amateur licence?
An amateur licence is issued to authorise a station that:
  • is operated for the purposes of self-training in radiocommunications, intercommunication using radiocommunications and technical investigation into radiocommunications by persons who do so solely with a personal aim, and who have no pecuniary interest in the outcome of the operations of the station;
  • is operated on amateur frequencies or amateur frequency bands; and
  • may participate in the amateur-satellite service.
The amateur service is designed primarily to facilitate hobby radiocommunications and for technical experimentation and operates on specified frequency bands. Amateur radio operators communicate using transmission modes including, but not limited to, Morse code, telephony and data.

Anyone can listen to the amateur bands using a receiver, but to transmit, operator qualifications and a licence issued by ACMA are required.

I have here some files that I have gathered and written to help with the studying for an Australian Amateur Radio Licence. Here you will find texts that I have written and things that I have found on the internet that may be of use.

Please keep in mind that some of my texts may not be 100% accurate but they helped me pass my full call exam.

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